Sally Boorman, Cricket for Girls Academy

Tonbridge School, Kent | Sally Boorman, Cricket for Girls Kent Academy |

Without a doubt this coaching has been by far and away the most useful. It’s also been hugely enjoyable for her. We’ve been so pleased with the winter training. Tilly has had consistency of coaching, with the coaches really getting to know her personally and advising her individually. The size of the groups and the quality/ability of the girls involved means she’s always stretching herself.

Importantly for us as parents has been the excellent feedback throughout. We always know what the plan is for the session, so she’s fully equipped, and we know what she’s working on and how she’s doing/what she’s got to work on harder. This shouldn’t be so remarkable but it really is! We’ve never felt so engaged with a coaching team. It’s surpassed expectations and has given Tilly a new level of confidence.